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Trex Global LIMITED
TREX trade is certified by FSC Finance

TREX trade is certified by FSC Finance, FSC license number: C119023919

The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the 'FSC') established in 2001, and it is the integrated regulator for the non-bank financial services sector and global business. FSC is mandated under the Financial Services Act 2007 and has as enabling legislation the Securities Act 2005, the Insurance Act 2005, and the Private Pension Schemes Act 2012 to license, regulate, monitor, and supervise the conduct of business activities in these sectors.

Steps to assess our FSC License:
In order to verify the legitimacy and validity of our FSC, please visit and follow the instructions below for the purpose:
1.Click the option located on the upper-central section of "Supervision" and the sub-page of "Register of Licensees"
2. Set other option as Default and Enter 【TREX】 to the space of Name. Once completed, select 【Submit】
3. Observe the outcome, which would list the type of license TREX trade holds.
Every order is open and transparent
Safe and searchable to ensure fairness, justice, and openness

Every order can be queried at any time on the trading backend. Every price is given the only quote sequence number that will be shown in every order.

You can check quotes for each product in the past 7 days

Guarantee of no negative balance
Strict control of your trading risks

The risk management system based on the guarantee of no negative balance is designed to ensure there is no negative balance in your account, and that trading risks are put under strict control

Encrypted information security
Personal information security

128-bit SSL encryption and MD5 password are automatically adopted to encrypt customers’ personal information on personal account management, deposit, and withdrawal

Strong technical team

TREX trade’s professional technical team uses the most advanced technology for security, internal construction, trading order management, and privacy management to ensure your trading is secure and sound